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Yours Essentially is the BEST place to get your healing needs meet through massage, all natural products and where you have a variety of fun and elegant pampering parties. Indulge and experience transformation through bliss.

Meet Jasinta

Jasinta Sanchez proudly serves the greater Portland area through Yours Essentially LLC. After years of education and experience, she has acquired a strong foundation of deep tissue techniques, injury protocols, prenatal and various sports modalities. She is certified in Complete Decongestive Therapy for Lymphedema, which gives her a higher understanding of the lymphatic system- a significant aide with post plastic surgery and weight loss. Feeling a need to be to be fully in tune with her clients by healing mind, body and soul, she is trained in Reiki, Access Bars and Peruvian Shamanic Healing.

In 2020, our society realized the economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. With her career in jeopardy given the restrictions on business operations, Jasinta created
Yours Essentially Spa Parties as a way to share her passion with the community in a safe, fun, and unique way. In order to provide a variety of services, she has teamed up with other local practitioners and aestheticians that share the
same excitement to pamper clients. Jasinta is fully vaccinated and committed to keeping her parties in compliance with the ever-changing state guidelines.

Although she continues to expand her aspirations and grow her business, Jasinta’s biggest achievement is raising an amazing daughter, Zoe, and teaching her that following your dream in life is the only way to truly find harmony and joy.

Don’t just get a massage, have a healing experience! My relaxing treatment room is located in the heart of NW Portland. I specialize in both deep tissue and lymphatic massage. My clientele mostly consists of MVA, athletes, expectant mothers (I provide a prenatal massage table), and individuals recovering from cosmetic surgery.


  • Certified in NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming)
  • Shamanic Ancestral Journeys
  • Graduated from Nevada School of Massage Therapy-Henderson, NV- 2005
  • Certified in Complete Decongestive Therapy for Lymphedema-Albuquerque, NM -2017
  • Peruvian Medicine Wheel- Albuquerque, NM -2018
  • LMT# 23998

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